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Episodenführer der TV-Serie – Staffel 1 · Staffel 2 · Staffel. Episodenführer Season 9 – Die Familie freut sich auf Axls Rückkehr von seiner Europa-Rundreise. Doch hat er einige Eigenarten dort angenommen, die. The Middle Episodenguide. Alle Staffeln der Serie The Middle. Episodenanzahl: Folgen; Start in den USA: September Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Comedyserie The Middle, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Zwischen. Der The Middle Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von The Middle in der Übersicht.

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Episodenführer Season 9 – Die Familie freut sich auf Axls Rückkehr von seiner Europa-Rundreise. Doch hat er einige Eigenarten dort angenommen, die. "The Middle" ist in den USA neben "Modern Family" eine feste Größe im ABC-​Comedyblock geworden. In den Hauptrollen sind u. a. Patricia Heaton und Neil. Datenschutz · Newsletter. Social Media und Feeds. RSS · Atom. nach oben; Hauptseite · Stichwortsuche · Serien · Comedy; Episodenguide zu "The Middle". Datenschutz · Newsletter. Social Media und Feeds. RSS · Atom. nach oben; Hauptseite · Stichwortsuche · Serien · Comedy; Episodenguide zu "The Middle". The Middle Episodenguide. Auswahl: Episodenliste (Überblick), Staffel 1, Staffel 2, Staffel 3, Staffel 4, Staffel 5, Staffel 6, Staffel 7, Staffel 8, Staffel 9. anzeigen. Im The Middle Episodenguide findest du eine Übersicht aller Folgen der Comedy Serie. Markiere Deine gesehenen Folgen und verliere nie wieder den. "The Middle" ist in den USA neben "Modern Family" eine feste Größe im ABC-​Comedyblock geworden. In den Hauptrollen sind u. a. Patricia Heaton und Neil. Finde die Folgen der 9 Staffeln der Serie The Middle.

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Die Episode "Der Zeitreisende und der Sensenmann" ist die 6. Frankie hat indes Verlustängste, weshalb sie ihn davon überzeugen will, die Stelle nicht anzunehmen. Die Episode "Die Zugfahrt" ist die The Yelling. Staffel 9, Folge 16 25 Min. Read more Benachrichtigungen z. Der Tag der Geständnisse Thanksgiving V. Der Partyschreck A Quarry Story. Die Hochzeitsfeier. Die Episode "Der Infiltrator" ist die

Episodes Seasons. Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Patricia Heaton Frankie Heck episodes, Neil Flynn Mike Heck episodes, Charlie McDermott Axl Heck episodes, Eden Sher Sue Heck episodes, Atticus Shaffer Learn more More Like This.

The Goldbergs TV Series Everybody Loves Raymond — The comical everyday life of sports columnist Ray Barone and his dysfunctional family.

Mom TV Series Comedy Drama Romance. Two and a Half Men — Comedy Romance. The King of Queens — Young Sheldon TV Series American Housewife TV Series Schooled — Modern Family — A Taiwanese family makes their way in America during the s.

Edit Storyline Following a woman named Frankie, and her boisterous family, the Hecks. Taglines: Just like your family Not really.

Well, maybe. Genres: Comedy. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Thirty-two is Axl's number on the football and baseball team. Goofs The interior layout of the house differs from the outside plan of the house.

Standing out front of the house there is the family room on the left, then the front door and dining room in the center, then the garage on the right.

The inside floorplan has a hall going to the right leading to the bedrooms. To the right is the garage, so the bedrooms for Sue, Axl, and Brick would have to be in the garage.

Some scenes do show a small extension on the right side of the house, but it is too small to be the boys room and could not include Sue's room at all.

User Reviews jimmy eat this show 1 October by joelseeman — See all my reviews. Was this review helpful to you? By fourth quarter, the team still hasn't caught up to Kaijo, and Kuroko re-enters the match.

The pace picks up and the score is tied. In the last few seconds, Kuroko and Kagami score with an alley-oop, beating Kaijou, Kise is shocked by his first ever loss.

Midorima, the Generation of Miracles' number one shooter, shows up and chastises Kise for losing. Seirin celebrates their victory by visiting a steakhouse.

Kise asks Kuroko why he left basketball in middle school; Kuroko tells him he hated basketball at the time. Kise predicts that Kagami will eventually grow apart from his team due to his strength.

Kuroko intervenes between some thugs harassing street basketballers. Kise, Kagami and Kuroko team up to beat the bullies at basketball.

The second years task the first years with getting some highly sought after "special bread" from the cafeteria. Seirin learns that they will face Shutoku, who hold one of the members of the Generation of Miracles, in the finals of the Inter High preliminaries.

However, their first match is against Shinkyo Academy, who have brought in a foreign player, Papa Mbaye Siki, who is even taller than Kagami.

To prepare, Kagami undergoes man-to-man defensive training with Mitobe, while Kuroko undergoes endurance training.

The match with Shinkyo begins, and as the game progresses, Kagami promises Papa to block one of his shots and that Kuroko will give him a hard time for calling him a child.

First quarter finishes with Seirin in the lead, Kuroko is subbed out to conserve his energy, leaving Kagami to deal with Papa alone. With five minutes left of the last quarter, Seirin is in the lead by a close margin Kuroko is subbed back in.

Kagami finally manages to block Papa's shot, and Seirin win the match Seirin go on to crush their next few opponents.

Realizing too much confidence is brewing, the team is taken to watch a Shutoku match the team of Midorima Shintaro. Shutoku wins, Seirin realise they will face two of the "three emperor teams" on the same day, with Seiho in the semifinal and Shutoku in the grand final.

Seirin's next match is against Seiho, who are known for their defense, and defeated Seirin the previous year, leading them to the brink of quitting basketball.

Kuroko, is determined to win the match for the seniors. Elsewhere, Kise checks the "Oha Asa" horoscope which tends to foretell how well Midorima will play.

Midorima has the top fortune while Kuroko has the worst. Seiho's Tsugawa Tomoki, who managed to stop Kise in middle school, is up against Kagami.

After first quarter, Riko tells Seirin that Seiho use old martial arts movement techniques. Kagami manages to beat Kasuga with speed, and scores the first basket.

In Shutoku's game, Midorima subs out after only 5 minutes to conserve strength for the Grand final match. Kagami gets his 3rd foul, Seiho's Tsugawa speaks carelessly again, which only fires up Kuroko and third quarter is tied Together, Kuroko and Kagami again manage to penetrate Seiho's defense but rapidly are running out of energy.

Kagami makes his fourth foul, and he are Kuroko are subbed out, to also conserve their energy for their next game.

The seniors hold their own, using their specialties such as Izuki's "Eagle Eye". With less than five minutes left in the game, and Seiho in the lead, , Koganei gets a light concussion, and Kuroko subs back in to pay back Kagami's grudge against Tsugawa.

Kuroko immediately passes Tsugawa's defense, and the seniors infiltrate Seiho's defense by predicting their habitual movements.

Kagami is impressed, having never seen Kuroko's passing from the sidelines. In the last 30 seconds, Seirin is in the lead by one point until Seiho score a dunk, and tighten their defense.

Kuroko narrowly avoids an intercept and passes to Hyuga who scores the final goal, Seirin defeating Seiho, Meanwhile Shutoku win their match, Forebodingly, Kuroko's presence is noted by one of the Shutoku members in the bathrooms.

The game begins, with Midorima blocking Kagami's attempt at an alley-oop. Midorima scores the first goal with a three, but Kuroko makes a surprise retaliation by passing across the whole court to Kagami, who scores with a dunk.

With Midorima shut down, the rest of Shutoku pick up the pace. Takao, who noticed Kuroko in the bathroom, is sent to cover Kuroko.

Seirin calls a time out and decides to keep Kuroko in the game as he tries to think of a plan. Hyuga makes important shots due to his training under pressure.

Midorima makes a shot from the centre line and Kagami responds with a "one man alley-oop". But Midorima retaliates again, shooting from the end of the court, showing his shots have no range limit, and finishing the first quarter with Shutoku in the lead, Midorima gets permission to take every shot during the entire second quarter, pushing Shutoku's lead to Kagami laughs, as he is getting fired up by Midorima's strength.

The second quarter ends with Shutoku still in the lead, Kuroko watches a tape of Takao during the first half. The third quarter starts with Kuroko on the bench, and Kagami manages to barely tap one of Midorima's shots.

The next time, He manages to pass Takao's screen, and touch the ball again as Midorima goes for a long shot. The shot misses, but Shutoku's Otsubo Taisuke dunks the rebound.

Kagami blocks Midorima's next shot, and makes several goals, using his astounding jumping power. However, he overexherts himself and is unable to jump any longer, but he is determined to win without relying on Kuroko.

Kuroko tells the team he has a plan. The 4th quarter begins. Riko told Kagami he only has two more jumps left in him, and he uses the first to block Midorima as a bluff.

Kuroko uses his misdirection on Takao to draw his attention to himself, then refocus Takao's sight and slip away.

Kuroko then uses his fast pass that only Kagami can catch, and Kagami uses up another of his jumps to dunk past Midorima. With less than 3 minutes left in the game and Shutoku barely in the lead, , Shutoku calls a time-out and their coach tells them to let Midorima take the shots since Kagami is worn out.

However, Seirin predicted this and the score is locked until Midorima scores a 3 with 30 seconds remaining and Hyuga counters with a 3.

The ball is knocked out of court and Hyuga scores another 3 with 3 seconds remaining. Seirin think they have won, but Shutoku passes to Midorima.

Kagami manages to squeeze out one more jump, but it was a fake, and Midorima goes to retake the shot.

Kuroko, also believing Kagami would jump, knocks the ball out of Midorima's hands as he lowers it. Seirin win, Later, standing out in the rain, Midorima gets a call from another Member of the Generation of Miracles, Aomine, and warns him to be careful in the Championship game.

Kuroko, Midorima, Kise and Kagami are left at the same table. Midorima warns Kagami about Aomine Daiki. As they leave the restaurant, Kuroko finds a stray dog which the team adopt and name "Tetsuya 2" due to his similarly coloured eyes.

Kagami who is coincidentally afraid of dogs has to sit out at practice until his legs heal. The Generation of Miracles' old manager, Momoi, visits Seirin while they are training at the pool and recounts the story of when Kuroko gave her an icypole.

Momoi, whose specialty is information gathering, recognizes each of Seirin's starting players. She also goes to the same school as Aomine.

Kagami is approached by Aomine who challenges him, and is not impressed, saying he is not strong enough to be Kuroko's "light".

Since he played basketball while recovering from his injury, Kagami is again suspended from practice until Seirin's first match in The Inter-High Championships which is against Touou; Aomine and Momoi's school.

Kuroko tells Kagami about how Aomine was the first one of the Generation of Miracles to bloom and, having no rival, became bored of basketball and stopped coming to practices.

Now, having overslept at school, Aomine promises Touou's captain that he'll make it to the game by the second half.

Seirin decides to go all out early on and get a big lead so that Aomine can't catch up. However, despite calling themselves "the opening act", Touou start strong and quickly take the first goal.

Even without Aomine, Touou takes an early lead using Momoi's scouting information and predictions. Seirin only manage to break through using Kuroko and Kagami, both of whom Momoi can't predict.

The first quarter finishes with Touou still in the lead, The second quarter begins and Riko realises that Kagami is still injured. She subs him off the court and tapes his legs, apologising for having to use him while he's injured.

As Kagami is about to re-enter the game, with 51 seconds left in the 2nd Quarter and Touou 10 points in the lead, Aomine arrives —ready to play.

Aomine goes one-on-one against Kagami— each blocking the other's shot at the goal. During half time, Kuroko asks to stay in for the third quarter, determined to beat Aomine.

Kagami reminds him to have faith in the team, and Seirin decides to bench Kuroko so he can regain some strength.

Aomine returns to the court warmed up and serious, having promised his coach that he will score all of his shots in the third quarter.

Although Aomine is impressed by Kagami's determination and his jump height, Aomine himself displays amazing speed and agility and he starts to use street-ball techniques that easily bypass Seirin's defense.

Aomine's skills and erratic pace force Seirin to fall behind by 20 points. Kuroko is subbed back in and Seirin cuts the lead down to 15 points, but Aomine intercepts Kuroko's Ignite Pass and taunts Kuroko about not having changed or improved since middle school.

Fourth quarter begins with Touou 31 points in the lead, Having avoided using his injured leg, Kagami's other leg begins to act up from the extra stress put on it and as a result Kagami is benched for the remaining 2 days of the tournament.

With Seirin down by 40, Kuroko's determination encourages his team mates, and they fight until the very end.

However Touou is simply too strong and Seirin loses with a scoreline of Back in the locker rooms, Aomine is angered by a Touou bench member badmouthing Kuroko.

Kagami tells Kuroko that he doesn't think that they can win by just working together anymore, and Kuroko hits a slump, his passes in the next two games becoming inaccurate.

Seirin loses both games, and therefore the Inter High tournament. Seirin's last chance for the year is the Winter Cup, to be held in Tokyo.

With his legs finally healed, Kagami returns to practice but seems to have reverted to not relying on the team.

Kuroko and he don't seem to be speaking either. Kiyoshi Teppei, the former ace and founder of the Seirin basketball team, returns from having been in hospital, and gives some words of encouragement to Kuroko and challenges Kagami to a one-on-one match to see who will play starting power forward "ace" for Seirin in the Winter Cup.

Kiyoshi and Kagami appear to be evenly matched despite Kiyoshi being out of practice and wearing the wrong shoes, however, Kagami wins.

The next day, Seirin begins the first of 3 consecutive days of practice matches so that each player can be evaluated and placed on a specific training regimen during the summer.

Teppei has asked that the first game only use the first-years. Kagami has told Kuroko that he doesn't need to pass to him any more, and the game is won by Kagami's strength.

After the match, Kiyoshi admits he was trying to help Kuroko realise his self-imposed limits. After talking to Hyuga, Kuroko realises that Kagami isn't trying to leave him behind; Kagami only felt like he was relying on Kuroko too much.

Kuroko resolves to become stronger during the summer so that he and Kagami can form an unbreakable team during the Winter Cup. Riko announces two summer training camps; to the beach and the mountains, to prepare for the Winter Cup qualifiers which start right after summer vacation.

Kagami teaches Riko how to make good curry. Riko gets the team to practice on the beach in the sand, meaning that they must rely on passing, and the sand will help build their leg strength.

Kuroko and Kagami run into Midorima and Takao at the inn, and discover that Shutoku are also there to train. Riko changes plans so they will play practice matches against Shutoku in the evenings.

To build Kagami's core strength, Riko sends him to get drinks for the team, one at a time, running on the beach instead of practising with the others.

Kuroko is attempting to develop a new technique of which Midorima is skeptical. Midorima later explains to Takao that Kuroko can't use Misdirection while holding the ball due to the ball's presence on the court.

Takao suggests that Kuroko using Misdirection while he makes a break- an invisible dribble- would be unstoppable.

Kagami returns from running, having gone beyond Riko's request, and gotten drinks for Shutoku as well. Shutoku wins all 3 practice matches against Seirin, but all the games were played without Kagami and the scores differ by less than ten points.

Kagami learns his jumping power has dramatically improved. Midorima tells him this is only half the answer, and challenges him to a one-on-one match.

Midorima wins by forcing Kagami to jump off his right foot, where he only has the ability to dunk. Kagami realises that he must improve his ball handling in his left hand and learn to win aerial battles in order to beat the Generation of Miracles.

Kuroko comes up with the idea to master his drive in addition to passes. The rest of the team also train hard. When the camp finishes, before heading to the station, Seirin make a detour to watch the Inter-high quarterfinal match between Touou Academy and Kaijo.

Kise is determined to defeat Aomine despite never having won against him in a one-on-one game. The match between Touou and Kaijo begins with Kaijo getting the ball.

Kise manages to pass Aomine, but Aomine steals the ball. Touou's Sakurai scores the first 3 points. Kise copies Sakurai's 3 point shot, but is easily blocked by Aomine.

Kasamatsu regains the ball for Kaijo and scores a 3 pointer, and Kaijo tighten their defence. Kise then manages to stop Aomine's quick dribble and drive, and his Formless Shot.

The 1st quarter ends with Kaijo leading From the sidelines, Kuroko mentions that Aomine tends to improve as the game goes on.

Touou immediately catch up in the 2nd quarter. Kaijo calls a time out, and Kise asks his coach permission to use an unknown trump card.

Kise plans to copy Aomine's style, acknowledging that his admiration of Aomine has been preventing him from copying him. While Kise perfects his copy, Touou is able to widen their lead; The second quarter ending with the score In the 3rd quarter, Kise completes his copy, and passes Aomine's defence.

Aomine attempts to block Kise's goal but instead earns his fourth foul. However, Touou still leads by 10 points.

Despite Aomine's teammates' and coach's worry about his foul trouble, he successfully blocks Kise's dunk at the end of the quarter.

Aomine asks for all the balls in the last quarter, and he and Kise alternate goaling. Kise starts to get fatigued, and the strain in his legs makes him almost miss a shot.

With one minute remaining, Touou is still in the lead, With Kaijo needing a score to turn things around, Kise fakes a formless shot and attempts to pass to Kasamatsu.

However, Aomine anticipates this and deflects the ball out-of-bounds. Though their final chance was lost, Kise remains determined for the sake of his team.

Aomine dunks past Kise as the game ends and Touou wins by a score of Kagami and Kuroko are determined more than ever to work hard to develop their style of basketball.

An unaired, full-length, bonus episode of the series numbered Episode The episode covers Kise and his entry to the first team of Teiko Middle School, which features the Generation of Miracles as all members are revealed.

He teams up with Kuroko and some second team members in an exhibition game. Kise realizes Kuroko's true abilities as they beat their opponents After the game, Kise begins to respect Kuroko calling him Kurokocchi for the first time and further develops a love for basketball.

There are 9 episodes in total, each one approximately 2 minutes in length each. The first years participate in a street basketball tournament, with Kiyoshi subbing in for Kawahara.

They run into Seiho and learn that only the top eight teams from the Inter-High can participate in the Winter Cup heats.

Tatsuya introduced Kagami to basketball, and they became close friends to the point of calling each other brothers and wearing matching rings.

However their rivalry led to a misunderstanding between them, and Tatsuya bet his ring on their next game. With the members of the Generation of Miracles benched during semi-finals and finals.

As the tip-off begins between Tatsuya's team and Seirin, Murasakibara Atsushi, another member of the Generation of Miracles, from Yosen High, shows up.

Murasakibara mentions he didn't play in the finals because Akashi Seijuro, the former captain of the generation of miracles, told him not to.

Kagami baits Murasakibara into joining the street ball match. Tatsuya asks Murasakibara to play defence while he handles offence, but the game is soon called off due to heavy rain.

Kuroko explains that Murasakibara does not like basketball but plays to win and is good at it. Meanwhile, Momoi shows up at Seirin, where the second years are practicing.

The first years and Kiyoshi return to Seirin, where Momoi explains that Aomine didn't play in the Interhigh finals due to injuries sustained during the Kaijo-Touou game.

She also explains why Akashi and Murasakibara did not play. Later, Kuroko shows Momoi his new technique, an "unstoppable drive".

A member of Josei recognises Kiyoshi as "The Iron Heart", one of 5 players who would have been considered prodigies of their time if not for the Generation of Miracles.

Kagami is suppressed by a double team defense, but Kiyoshi's "Right of postponement" and rebounds have improved Seirin's offense and defense and Seirin takes control of the whole match.

Using his pent up energy, Kagami breaks past his defenders and scores the final goal with an impressive jump that cracks open the "door" to such prodigies as the Generation of Miracles.

Seirin's first opponent is Senshinkan who are known as the "King of the West". Seirin easily win, Meanwhile, Kirisaki Dai Ichi have thrown their match against Shutoku so that their first-string players can watch the Seirin game.

Shutoku win Seirin's next match is against Shutoku. Riko predicts there is a limit to the number of super-long three-pointers Midorima can shoot, however, Midorima has undergone endurance training and plans to outlast Kagami's jumps.

Seirin keeps a lead against Shutoku to the second quarter, But Kagami grows ever more tired, and Takao's hawk eye is a formidable weapon against Kuroko's Misdirection.

Midorima starts faking and passing meaning that Kagami exherts more energy per shot that Midorima takes. Kiyoshi and Kagami double team against Midorima, leaving the inside wide open.

Kuroko is subbed out for Mitobe. The game proceeds with Seirin's fast run-and-gun gameplay but the second quarter ends with Seirin barely in the lead, Shutoku pull ahead in the third quarter, , with 1 minute to go.

And Kagami's legs are at their limit. Kuroko asks to be subbed back in, ready to use his new drive. Kuroko re-enters the game and takes on Midorima, easily passing him with his Vanishing Drive, and Seirin catch up to Shutoku with the third quarter ending in a tie.

In fourth quarter, Midorima states that he passed his limits long ago, and Seirin and Shutoku exchange goals. With less than 30 seconds left, Otsubo's shot puts Shutoku up With his legs already at their limits, Kiyoshi attempts a dunk, but is disrupted by Midorima, who earns a foul.

With two seconds left, Kiyoshi makes the first free throw, bringing the scores to a tie. He misses the second shot, and Kagami catches the rebound.

Kagami goes for a final dunk which Midorima attempts to block. The buzzer sounds. Startled by the buzzer, Kagami and Midorima fumble the ball which misses the hoop.

The tournament regulations prohibit overtime, so the match ends in a tie. Meanwhile Kirisaki Daiichi wins against Senshinkan, Hyuga has realised that Kiyoshi is still injured and asks him to sit out the Kirisaki Daiichi match.

Kiyoshi is determined to play even if it wrecks his knees. Kagami overhears and later asks Hyuga about it. Last summer, Kiyoshi created the basketball team.

However, Hyuga was jaded from his losses in middle school and claimed he had quit basketball. Izuki, Koga and Mitobi joined the team and they sought out Riko Aida to be their manager.

But Riko refused, saying she hated that everyone who played in the same league as the Teiko team had given up on winning, and they would need to convince her that they're serious.

Kiyoshi challenged Hyuga to a one-on-one which Hyuga lost. The next morning, the newly-formed basketball team shout from the rooftops before morning assembly that they will participate in the national tournament to become the best team in japan.

Hyuga shows up and adds that if they don't he'll confess his feelings buck naked. Riko is impressed and agrees to coach them.

Although Kiyoshi was the founder, he trusts Hyuga to be captain. Seirin get to the finals of the preliminaries and face Kirisaki Dai Ichi.

With less than 4 minutes left in the game, Kiyoshi's leg starts acting up. Hanamiya Makoto enters the game, and as punishment for Seirin's imminent win, he maneuvers his team to injure Kiyoshi while making it look like an accident.

Seirin win He lies and claims it is just a sprain, but Hyuga confronts him later and Kiyoshi admits that with rehabilitation and surgery his knee will heal by the time he finishes high-school.

Even if he skips the surgery it will still be a year before he returns, and he will keep accumulating damage as he plays basketball and will only be able to play for a year at most.

Hyuga vows that they will become the best team in Japan next year. Without Kiyoshi, Seirin were eliminated from the championship league by the three kings.

The match between Seirin and Kirisaki Daiichi begins. Having heard Kiyoshi's story, the first years are determined to support their seniors.

Ted Goodwin is livid when he doesn't peanut brittle that Brick sold him for a school fundraiser, and the Heck household is visited by a creature of the night.

Brick is coaxed into taking Cindy to the prom, Axl is coaxed into a belated birthday gift for Sue, and Mike has trouble with the remote control for the TV.

Sue and Brick try to get Frankie the best Mother's Day gift ever; a trip to London for the royal wedding.

Axl is offered a job interview that could change his life. Frankie tries to keep Axl from moving away to Denver for a job opportunity.

Frankie struggles to deal with Axl leaving home as the Heck family drives him on a road trip out to his new job in Denver.

The series concludes as the family escorts Axl to Colorado. Meanwhile the long affair of the snow globe and its relation to Sean and Sue's relationship comes to a head.

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Episodes Seasons. Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Patricia Heaton Frankie Heck episodes, Neil Flynn Mike Heck episodes, Charlie McDermott Axl Heck episodes, Eden Sher Sue Heck episodes, Atticus Shaffer Learn more More Like This.

The Goldbergs TV Series Everybody Loves Raymond — The comical everyday life of sports columnist Ray Barone and his dysfunctional family.

Mom TV Series Comedy Drama Romance. Two and a Half Men — Comedy Romance. The King of Queens — Young Sheldon TV Series American Housewife TV Series Schooled — Modern Family — A Taiwanese family makes their way in America during the s.

Edit Storyline Following a woman named Frankie, and her boisterous family, the Hecks. Taglines: Just like your family Not really.

Well, maybe. Genres: Comedy. The Legacy. Die königliche Hochzeit Royal Wedding. Royal Wedding.

Der Schulball The Prom. The Prom. Die Brücke The Bridge. The Bridge. Die Sommerferien Back To Summer.

Back To Summer. Der Familienausflug 1 Forced Family Fun 1. Forced Family Fun 1. Forced Family Fun: Part 2 of 2.

Die Heck-Ordnung Hecking Order. Hecking Order. Der Neubeginn Major Changes. Major Changes. Der Test The Test.

The Test. Das Chaos Bad Choices. Bad Choices. Halloween II. Die Aufführung The Play. The Play. Thanksgiving III. Das Weihnachtsgeschenk A Christmas Gift.

A Christmas Gift. Das Heck-Jahr Year of the Hecks. Year of the Hecks. Das Schulprojekt The Map. The Map.

Das neue Auto Hecking It Up. Hecking It Up. Das Konzert The Concert. The Concert. Der Rollentausch The Sit Down.

The Sit Down. Das Schaltjahr Leap Year. Leap Year. Der Zeitungsjunge The Paper Route. The Paper Route. Get Your Business Done.

Die Vertrauenslehrerin The Guidance Counselor. The Guidance Counselor. Die Damenwahl The Clover.

The Clover. Der Spitzel The Telling. The Telling. Die Hochzeitsfeier The Wedding. The Wedding. Last Whiff of Summer Part 1.

Last Whiff of Summer Part 2. Die fristlose Kündigung The Second Act. The Second Act. Der neue Tick Bunny Therapy.

Bunny Therapy. Der Gartenschlauch The Hose. The Hose. Der Safe The Safe. The Safe. Die Wunderheilung Thanksgiving IV.

Thanksgiving IV. Die Weihnachtsfrau Christmas Help. Christmas Help. Die ersten zwanzig Jahre Twenty Years. Twenty Years.

Life Skills. Der besondere Tag One Kid at a Time. One Kid at a Time. Der Typ von nebenan The Friend. The Friend. Das Lächeln The Smile.

The Smile. Die Klassenfahrt Winners and Losers. Winners and Losers. Der sechzehnte Geburtstag Wheel of Pain.

Wheel of Pain. Der Name The Name. The Name. Der Bachelor The Bachelor. The Bachelor. Der neue Job Dollar Days. Dollar Days. From Orson with Love.

Der Abschlussball Hallelujah Hoedown. Hallelujah Hoedown. The Ditch. Die Reifeprüfung The Graduation.

The Graduation. Der erste Collegetag The Drop Off. The Drop Off. Das Leben ohne Axl Change in the Air. Change in the Air.

Die Kartoffel The Potato. The Potato. Die Jahr-Feier The th. The th. Der Sprung The Jump. The Jump. Der Tag der Geständnisse Thanksgiving V.

Thanksgiving V. Der Kuss The Kiss. The Kiss. Der Weihnachtsbaum The Christmas Tree. The Christmas Tree. Die Schlafstörung Sleepless in Orson.

Sleepless in Orson. Der Krieg der Hecks War of the Hecks. War of the Hecks. Die Fahrgemeinschaft The Carpool.

The Carpool. Das Buffet Hungry Games. Hungry Games. Die Auszeichnung The Award. The Award. Die Urlaubstage Vacation Days. Vacation Days.

Das geliehene Buch Stormy Moon. Stormy Moon. Der Spaziergang The Walk. The Walk. Der seltsame Geruch The Smell. The Smell.

Die Windspiele The Wind Chimes. The Wind Chimes. Der Optimist The Optimist. The Optimist. Die Sprechzeiten Office Hours.

Office Hours. Der Buchstabensalat Heck on a Hard Body. Heck on a Hard Body. Die falsche Route Orlando. The Wonderful World of Hecks.

Das Jahr der Sue Unbraceable You. Unbraceable You. Die Zweitjobs The Loneliest Locker. The Loneliest Locker.

Der Kaffee-Alarm Major Anxiety. Major Anxiety. Der Tisch The Table. The Table. Die etwas andere Nacht Halloween V.

Halloween V. Die Spüle The Sinkhole. The Sinkhole. Thanksgiving VI. The College Tour. Die Weihnachtsblockade The Christmas Wall.

The Christmas Wall. Der Partyschreck A Quarry Story. A Quarry Story. Die Zugfahrt Hecks on a Train.

Hecks on a Train. Die Antwort The Answer. The Answer. Der vergessene Geburtstag Steaming Pile of Guilt. Steaming Pile of Guilt. Der Flirt Flirting with Disaster.

Flirting with Disaster. Das lange Warten The Waiting Game. The Waiting Game. Der Infiltrator Operation Infiltration.

Operation Infiltration. Der Sombrero Siblings and Sombreros. Siblings and Sombreros. Das erkämpfte Bier Food Courting.

Jetzt müssen sie nur noch alle Fragen beantworten. A Heck Of A Ride 2. Axl bekommt auch einige Wünsche erfüllt, article source nicht durch das Schicksal, sondern durch Lexi. Die Heck-Männer. Der Haustyrann. Winners and Losers. Hecking Order. Eyes Wide Open. Die Episode "Die College-Tour" ist die 8. Https:// IV.

The Middle Episodenguide The Middle auf DVD

Das Vermächtnis The Legacy. Taking Back the House. Winners and Losers. Als sie losfahren will, bemerkt sie, das wiedersehen ihr vollgepacktes Auto geklaut wurde. Not Your Brother's Learn more here Off. Der Buchstabensalat. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Yes No Report. Sleepless in Orson. Learn more More Like This. After Sakurai experiences Hyuga's 3-pointers, he begins to pout and it turns into a 3-pointer shoot-out between Sakurai and Hyuga. Fourth quarter you ernГ¤hrungsdocs ndr idea with Touou 31 points in the lead, the middle episodenguide Oktober bis zum 4. Die Episode "Die Fahrgemeinschaft" ist die The Scratch. Two of a Kind. Der Fehlkauf. Die ersten zwanzig Jahre. The Continue reading. Das neue Schuljahr. Die Heck-Suche. Die Auszeichnung. Learn more here Jeans The Jeans. Die Diskussion führen sie auf der Fahrt zum Thanksgiving-Dinner - doch natürlich ist die Fahrt keine gewöhnliche und kostet The Middle Episodenguide. Originaltitel: Der Partyschreck Erstausstrahlung: Siblings and Sombreros.

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